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  • The Benefits Of Using Screw Pile Foundations For Your Construction Project

    25 August 2016

    If you are building your own home, warehouse or other building, you have many options when it comes to building a foundation. One of the ways that you can secure the building is by installing a screw pile foundation. Learning the benefits of this type of foundation may help you decide if it is ideal for your project. Here are a few benefits associated with a screw pile foundation. Can Be Installed Quickly

  • Choosing A Surface For A Spray Pad

    28 July 2016

    When you build a spray pad, you need to think about the type of traffic it will see and the location it will be a part of. The two most common locations to install a splash pad are at a park and as part of a community square. Spray pads at parks tend to have more slides, dump buckets, and interactive features. Those that form part of a community square tend to be limited to just fountains that children can run through and get wet.

  • How to Remove Musty Smells from Carpet

    15 January 2016

    As important as water is, it is something that can also be a huge source of problems in a house. If you recently had a water leak that caused your carpets to get wet, you may be struggling with trying to eliminate the musty smell this can cause. Getting the musty smell out of carpet is not impossible, but it can be hard to do and can take time and effort.